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Shareholder Engagement is not about telling corporations how to run their business but how to run their business better.

Shareholder Engagement is best described as the bridge between investor and issuer. High quality information and distinct communication between the parties is essential. Engagement requests information, publication of information directly from a company, in order to better exercise shareholder rights to influence their practices and to open long-term dialogue with management regarding environmental, social and governance issues. Thus, Shareholder Engagement not only reduces investment risks for investors but also helps them to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

To help institutional investors and intermediaries, IVOX provides a wide range of proxy advisory and corporate governance services:

  • Research
    • IVOX reports on Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings –
      click here for a sample for Germany or Europe
    • IVOX Corporate Governance Analysis - click here for a sample
  • Fully integrated voting platform to meet the needs of the global markets
  • Threshold Management Service (TMSiii)